“The Baby Jessicas are rising stars in the comedy community with their fast, snappy sketches. They throw comedy into a van and take it places it never knew it wanted to go."
-Ian Boothby (Canadian Comedy Award winner)

“The Baby Jessicas’ ability to transform into multitudes of characters is second to none.”
-Tommy Savitt (Winner of the Seattle Comedy Festival and Boston Comedy Festival)

“You’re going to hear a lot more about this talented comedy group.”
-Guy MacPherson (Host of What’s So Funny?)

“I love the Baby Jessicas. Every time I see them they crack me up with their funny, original material.”
-David Granirer (Author of The Happy Neurotic: How Fear and Angst Can Lead To Happiness and Success)

“The Baby Jessicas deliver good times!”
-Stu Hughes (Artistic Director of the Calgary FunnyFest)

“Audiences love the Baby Jessicas! Your act is very unique and original and you all work so hard. Your professionalism is outstanding!”
-Dianne Dennis (Entertainer and promoter)