Meet The Baby Jessicas

Stephen Morton
A talented stand-up and sketch comedy performer, Stephen is a regular at the city’s hottest comedy clubs as well as at prestigious corporate events where his engaging style of hosting always leaves his audiences in stitches. When he isn’t performing on stage, Stephen stays busy with a wide range of radio and multimedia projects.

Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy is an award-winning comedian who has appeared at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, the Vancouver Comedy Fest, the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, the Calgary FunnyFest, the Great Plains Comedy Festival and the Boston Comedy Fest, where he was named Best International Act. In addition to his performance background, Ryan is also a highly acclaimed writer who has created original material for HBO, A&E, The History Channel, Walt Disney Studios, FOX Filmed Entertainment, FOX Sports and the WWE, among many others. You can learn more about Ryan by visiting his personal website here.

Rodney Stewart
Every sketch troupe needs a resident black man, and for The Baby Jessicas, their brother from another mother is Rodney Stewart. A highly sought-after DJ, emcee and writer, Rodney has been entertaining crowds for many years onstage, in film (and occasionally) in bed. This supremely talented performer originally hails from Brooklyn, New York. Do you have a problem with that? We didn’t think so.

Jennifer Wagner
Jennifer acts, improvises, does voice-over work and teaches high-school. Her quirky cast of characters have appeared on the Vancouver Theatresports League stage, as a part of That's Hilarious comedy company events and with the uber talented Laff Riot Girls. Jen has also trained with improv guru Keith Johnstone and taken workshops in Chicago and Vancouver. She is on a path of self discovery searching for spiritual awareness, universal consciousness and a firm butt.

Who is Baby Jessica?
Jessica McClure is a native of Midland, Texas, who was trapped in a well when she was an 18-month old toddler. Her tragic – but ultimately uplifting – 58 hour ordeal attracted around-the-clock media attention and resulted in the filming of a completely unwatchable made-for-TV movie starring Patty Duke and Beau Bridges.

Why would you name a comedy troupe in honor of an infamous toddler?
Because all of the other good names like Crotch Rot and Accidental Goat Sodomy had already been taken.

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